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WITEK WI-LTE110-O Outdoor 4G Router Maximize

WITEK WI-LTE110-O Outdoor 4G Router

WITEK WI-LTE110-O Outdoor 4G Router - 150Mbps Down, 50Mbps Up (PSU inc.)

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  • 4G transform to Wi-Fi and wired network

    Built in 3G/4G SIM card slot, support LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD, WCDMA/CDMA and GSM networking. Then band adjustable, can comply with all operatorin the world.

    High RF power design, with omni 2.4G/4G antenna, more wireless coverage, better signal strength and morestable performance.

    It support VPN(L2TP, PPTP, auto VPN), meet with industrial applications such as chain stores, ATM

    Support Power over Ethernet, 24V passive PoE, can work in the place even no power supply, simple to install it.

    Support 50users+ for Wi-Fi access

    10KV Lightning Protection