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About Us

The company you can really trust for customer service and support.

Blu Orb was born out of your requirement for a truly local supplier to the local TV and Satellite trade right on your doorstep!  We’re the only partner you can rely on to deliver for you - and in many ways…

  • We’re able to offer you the best deals because we only deal directly with the best proven manufacturers – those same manufacturers who always support both you and us 100%
  • We offer you the best technical advice and support because we’re not just experienced sales people. No, we have the long-term practical experience to help get you out of those tricky customer ‘tight spots’ that those in the real world all know could happen.
  • We don’t compete for jobs with you – we work with you to win them and achieve the best margins and end results.
  • We give you the best customer service and it’s free – simply because we want to. 
  • We always have our precious reputation to maintain, after all, you expect our care and attention to detail because you deserve it.

Just ask any Blu Orb customer why they come to us – and you’ll want to come to us too!

Put quite simply, we can offer you so much more for so much less and we’re local!


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